MSM Group Inc. Wins GSA Approval as Financial and Business Solutions Vendor

July 1, 2009

The U.S. General Services Administration has awarded MSM Group Inc. a contract that streamlines the process by which the Federal Government can procure MSM’s accounting, financial, and program management services. The five year contract adds MSM to a list of exclusive, pre-approved vendors, who offer federal agencies accounting, complementary financial management, and program management services through a fast-track acquisition process.

MSM obtained its contract (#GS-23F-0065V) under GSA Multiple Award Schedule 520, which consists of agreements with federal vendors providing financial and business solutions at pre-determined prices. The Multiple Award Schedules program is the premier government acquisition program in place today, and is the fastest, easiest, and most effective contracting vehicle available to the federal marketplace. GSA Schedule 520 facilitated more than $1 billion in federal contracting last year.

By becoming a GSA contractor, MSM Group is better positioned to serve NASA, its primary customer, as well as other agencies throughout the federal government, according to MSM Group’s President & Chief Executive Officer Kevin McQuade.

“While today's government financial managers must provide more financial information than ever before, they have less staff to do the work”, McQuade said. “Obtaining the GSA's FABS Schedule 520 will allow MSM to fill that gap and provide quality financial services and deliver better results with fewer resources”.