Case Studies

How has MSM Group, Inc. helped businesses manage Federal Government contracts and improve their business processes? — By providing real-world advice and service with practical software applications while focusing on our customers' needs. Here are a few of our client success stories. Discover how MSM Group has helped these organizations — and how we can help you.

MSM Group, Inc., through its full "back office" business support of the NASA Glenn "GESS" and "TFOME" contracts, has consistently been part of award fee scores in excess of 98% relative to business management and cost control metrics.

Sierra Lobo, Inc.

Project Name

Back-Office Business Administration, Accounting, IT Systems, and Services To Support TFOME Prime Contractor Sierra Lobo Incorporated


Summary of the entire project:

Provide back-office support of accounting, human resources, IT, network security, facilities, contracts, and subcontracts. These activities fall into broad categories as outlined below, but need not be limited to the activities noted. In addition, within the scope of the Statement of Work, these activities will require either:

  • Application of the specialized skills of a single individual
  • A well-defined, multi-disciplined effort
  • Or a well-defined, multi-disciplined effort which require close integration with tasks performed by other TFOME Contractor personnel and its subcontractors/teammates

The MSM Group Inc. team met with the prime contractor, Sierra Lobo Inc. and the appropriate representatives from the NASA Glenn Research Center during contract phase in to determine the primary elements of the project objectives and client requirements. The following specific aspects of the objectives and requirements where analyzed and their costs and benefits discussed with Sierra Lobo management.

Serve as Finance/Accounting Member of SLI TFOME Business Management Office

  • Perform Accounting Functions
    • General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll
  • Process Accounting Transactions
    • Timekeeping
    • Payroll
    • Purchasing
    • Work Control / Project Work Orders
    • Process Project Invoices
    • Maintain Project Ledger / Classify accounting and job cost transactions
    • Project Reporting
    • NASA Form 533 Reporting

Results Achieved

  • Developed integration between 7i/EAM and RealTime web based timekeeping system. Automatic updates of work orders from 7i/EAM to RealTime 3 times a day. Transfer of hours worked by employee and work order number from RealTime to 7i/EAM
  • NASA Financial Management Report delivered on time every month and accurate in accordance with NASA requirements
  • Developed and Implemented Company Policy/Procedures in efficient manner
  • Improved SLI’s TFOME internal business operations and processes

Methodologies, Tools, and/or Processes Utilized in Performing the Work

Three major MSM tools and associated processes are used to accomplish this effort. MSM Group Inc. is a Microsoft Business Solutions Partner licensed to sell and service Microsoft Dynamics SL, a fully integrated Project Management and Accounting Software Solution. On this contract, Microsoft Dynamics SL serves as the Project Management and Accounting application, the application that collects all transactions for the project.

As a front end to the Microsoft Dynamics SL, MSM Group employs RealTime® a fully-automated, easy to use, secure web-based timekeeping application that gives the Sierra Lobo TFOME contract the ability to coordinate enterprise wide timekeeping and payroll activities and integrate into Project Management and reporting. MSM Group Inc. designed, developed and implemented this robust timekeeping application and has installed this at many client locations.

MSM iSite® (Branded for this contract as TERMS, the TFOME Enterprise Resource Management Solution) is a next generation web based accounting and project reporting solution is used to manage the Test Facilities Operations Maintenance and Engineering Contract (NNC05CA95C), at the NASA Glenn Research Center. TERMS interfaces into Microsoft Dynamics SL to give internal and external users the ability to view accounting and project data on 24x7 basis.

MSM personnel record, classify and collect all accounting, timekeeping, purchasing, and job cost information for the prime contractor on its contract with the NASA Glenn Research Center using the above tools, processes, and methodologies.

Award Fee scores on this NASA contract have been consistently rated "excellent" with Business Management scores always in the upper 90’s. NASA customer is delighted with the performance of MSM Group Inc.