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Agency Reporting Module

The Agency Reporting Module provides an advantage to your Contract Management team in that standard Agency-specific reports are automated and eliminates the manual processes that usually stymie the creation of these contract deliverables. MSM works with published Agency standards1 to craft reports and tools that strictly adhere to these standards. Hundreds of hours of programming and testing go into these tools so that your IT staff doesn't have to bear that cost or burden.

If a Contract you are managing is for an Agency not listed here, MSM will work with your company to assess Agency reporting requirements and will include that functionality into the iSite® at no cost to you!

Available Agencies*

  • NASA

* Other agencies can be supported at no additional cost

NASA Form 533

2 Use of the NASA Contractor Financial Management Reports, the NASA Form 533 series, is required on cost-type, price redetermination, and fixed-price incentive contracts when the following dollar, period of performance, and scope criteria are met:

Contract Value/Scope Period of Performance 533M 533Q
$500K to $999K 1 Year or More Required Optional
$1,000,000 and over Less than 1 Year Required Optional
$1,000,000 and over 1 Year or More Required Required

Convenient and Automated

iSite® utilizes data from your data warehouse (Actuals, Plans, Estimate-To-Complete, Invoicing, Payments and Funding data) to automatically create an official NASA Form 533M or 533Q in Microsoft Excel format for you to deliver to your customer. This Excel workbook will contain a separate tab for every Task that you select to be processed, with an additional "Summary" tab that provides data at the Contract level. You are also presented with additional options for Task selection, drilldowns, Financial Month to be processed, etc.

Typically, the process of creating the official NASA Form 533M/Q can take upwards of 1 to 2 resources a day or two of effort to create manually. You also run the risk of human error. Additionally, extra burden is placed upon your staff if data from your subcontractors is tardy or if corrections or adjustments need to be made to your 533 after the fact.


The ability to create the NASA Form 533M/Q or any other Agency Module function is governed by Permissions that are assigned to Users. Thus, you can limit which users have the ability to use these tools and reports.

Multiple Views

The NASA Form 533M/Q allows you to create multiple "views" of the data so that you can address the needs of different target audiences. For instance, you may assign one 533 view that has burden details displayed to one set of users, and then assign a different 533 view with those burden details hidden to a different set of users.

Delivery Options

For your convenience, iSite® provides you with the convenience of multiple delivery options and view options for your Agency-specific reporting:

  • Download file to browser
  • Email file to yourself
  • Email file to other users or external email addresses
  • Save to an iSite® Document Library

Benefits of the Agency Reporting Module

  • Tools and reports coded to the published specifications of the Agency
  • Leverage data already contained within your data warehouse
  • Timely and accurate generation of your agency-specific reporting requirements
  • No need for manual manipulation of data
  • Eliminates the possibility of human error
  • Multiple supported delivery options give you flexibility
  • Permission-based access to tools and reports


1 NASA Procedural Requirements 9501.2
2 NASA Procurement Regulation 1842.72