iSite® Contract Management Portal

The iSite® Contract Management Portal is a web-based system that provides easy-to-use functionality for your task performers, task managers, program managers and finance managers for viewing and managing the day-to-day progress of your Federal Government contracts.

Abandon the myriad of spreadsheets, documents, charts stored in complex network folders hierarchies and the ineffective processes that your team struggles to maintain. Instead, give your team a tool that works for them...efficiently and effectively.


iSite® presents many capabilities for managing your contract. The functionalities of iSite® are packaged into modules so you can leverage the tools that you need for your own clients. All iSite® modules have the following capabilities:

  • 24x7x365 Web-based connectivity
  • Mobile web browser-capable
  • No software to download or install
  • Cloud Hosted *
  • No hardware to buy or maintain *
  • Contract-specific Licensing Model
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Modular functionality - License only what you need
  • Robust parameter-driven reporting
  • Section 508 Compliant
  • Fully configurable via Admin settings
  • Granular User permissions to lock down functionality
  • Portal-based Document Libraries for online document storage

* A "deployed" Hosting model is also available, where hardware is maintained and hosted by the customer

Why iSite?

Ease of Access

Often, multiple systems are used to manage a contract. With iSite®, all data, reports, documents, and information are at your fingertips through one centralized solution.


iSite® provides a wide range of tools that considerably reduces time. Each module provides individual applications that replace more traditional time-consuming methods.

Cost Efficient

With an integrated system and an unlimited number of users, you do not need separate licensing fees for anyone that needs access to contract information.


iSite® permits unlimited users, allowing teams and individuals to access, collaborate, and manage these systems and your contract simultaneously. All information and files are centrally located to improve version control and management of time sensitive materials.

Client Portal Access

Improve your client relationships. Portal Access allows you share data in real time with customers so you can talk apples to apples. Your customer can have this information “pushed” to them on a subscription basis that they control! Our Financial Reporting module is optimized using advanced aggregation algorithms to provide snappy reports in a flash, with no impact to your accounting system.


iSite® is highly customizable and can be tailored to fit contract specific needs. Not only can you purchase the individual or bundled modules you need to support your contract, you also have the flexibility to customize settings, tools, and fields within each module.

Unlimited Number of Users

With iSite® being built in the Cloud, it is designed to serves hundreds or thousands of users. A large number of users accessing the data may tax traditional corporate office file servers, but with iSite®, that problem is solved. This unlimited number of users also eliminates costly per-seat licensing fees.