iSite® Contract Management Portal
Financials Module

One of the most important aspects of your contract is the Financial health of each Task and, in summary, the Financial health of the contract itself.

Traditionally, corporate accounting departments would provide static reports to key personnel to help them manage their Tasks. Often, these solutions would be provided by an expensive, disconnected point solution with limited abilities for users to "slice and dice" data and with NO ability to co-mingle that data with other useful contract-related data. Essentially, traditional data mining of Financial data was non-existent.

Why is this so? Many factors contribute to this scenario:

  • Costly expense of per-user licensing to enterprise reporting tools such as Cognos
  • Technical limitations of overworked and overburdened skeleton staffs
  • Trust issues
  • Control issues

These and many more reasons contribute to the unfortunate scenario where data cannot be effectively and efficiently provided to the data consumers who need and demand it.

iSite® can solve many of these problems for you.

With iSite® licensing, you no longer have to worry about a per-user expense. Once you provide Financial data to the iSite® Data Warehouse, approved Users now consume and use this data to help manage their contract Tasks.

Data is sent to the iSite® Data Warehouse at whatever level of aggregation you want to expose to your user community. You are in control!

  • You determine the frequency in which this data is pushed to your data warehouse - monthly, weekly, daily or even every 5 minutes!
  • The more frequent the push of updated data, the more powerful this data serves as a tool to empower your contract management team
  • Data can also be repurposed across many iSite® modules, which allows the data to "work" for you

iSite® has NO DIRECT CONNECTION to your home office accounting system of record. Thus, the data warehouse can be refreshed at any time while your source data remains unaffected. It is the perfect firewall to protect your accounting data yet support a framework that allows that data to be consumed by your staff in an efficient and cost effective fashion.