iSite® Contract Management Portal
Risk Management Module

The iSite® Risk Management Module provides an integrated tool to allow your Program Management team to manage, report and reduce Risks for your contract and contract Tasks. Governance processes come to life with real-time profiling, alerts to warn Risk owners of changing status, regular reassessments and continuous controls monitoring. Compliance against various regulatory frameworks can be easily self-assessed, and all supporting evidence consolidated in one repository.

With more effective oversight and assurance, contract and task managers can reduce the administrative burden associated with Risk Management, enforce a consistent, customizable risk scoring method using a matrix that maps likelihood of Risk occurrence and Risk impact.

Organizational performance can be improved by implementing proactive monitoring of Risks, as well as dynamic tracking of progress with achieving objectives in managing identified Risks. The integrated nature of the iSite® Risk Management Module provides greater transparency and visibility of Risk Management to all organizational levels, both at the contract level as well as with your customer.

The streamlined, lower cost dynamic process impacts data collection, analysis and presentation processes with Risk Management. Isolated, manual processes can be transformed and replaced into an integrated, dynamic approach. Time and expenses involved with documenting, measuring and responding to Risks can be greatly reduced with a structured approach and central repository of Risk data.

Relying on a paper-based system or spreadsheets to run risk management activities makes the act of communicating and sharing risk information very labor intensive, unresponsive to emerging risk, and frequently an administrative burden on the organization. The iSite® Risk Management Module solves those problems.