iSite® Contract Management Portal
Task Order Request Workflows Module

The Task Order Request Workflow Module of iSite® provides a powerful, configurable Workflow Engine to manage requests for work on your Contracts. This Workflow engine, built on the principles and concepts of Microsoft's Windows Workflow Foundation, is essentially a collection of building blocks, known as "Activities" which you assemble to create system or human workflows in order to accomplish a task or series of tasks.

Each activity type in the iSite® Workflow Engine is configurable with various options to control the behavior and flow path of the activity. Additionally, each activity is assigned one or more Workflow Roles that are responsible for the completion of that Activity. In a workflow, when an Activity begins, each User who is a member of the responsible role(s) will receive email notification that alerts them to the fact that they have work to accomplish in a workflow instance. Additionally, the iSite® Audit module stamps a start date on that activity. Once the appropriate responsible parties satisfies the requirements of the activity and chooses to move to the next step, the iSite® Audit module stamps an end date on that activity. The Workflow Engine then proceeds to the next step in the flow and repeats this process until the Workflow is complete.

This flexible and configurable Workflow Engine enables you to quickly react and adapt to changing priorities and modifications to processes as dictated by your Customer. Rather than waiting weeks or months for a new software release, your Workflows can be changed "on the fly".

You also have the ability to create different workflows to handle different situations. For instance, you may have one series of steps for a request for new work, but a different set of steps, perhaps a compacted workflow, for a request for scope change to existing work. Additionally, you might want a separate workflow to handle instances of Funding modifications. The possibilities are endless!