iSite® Contract Management Portal
Variance Analysis Module

The iSite® Variance Analysis Module allows your contract team to track and explain Task variances between planned values and actual costs. Most contracts stipulate that you are to provide explanations to variances that exceed a specified threshold. This module automates that process for you!

At the close of each Financial Month, a process is launched that compares that months Actual costs vs. the Planned costs. When a variance exists that exceeds the variance threshold that is set for your Contract, the Task Manager for that Task is then notified via email that a Variance condition exists and that an explanation must be provided.

Rather than relying on a manual approach where emails are send manually to Task Managers and then separate Microsoft Word documents are created and then have to be assembled into a report that is submitted to your customer, iSite® puts structure around that process and increases the efficiency in which Variance Explanations are authored, reviewed and compiled.