Program Management Office (PMO) Support

The Program Management Office for large support services contracts has the responsibility to successfully perform task orders, implement efficient business processes and methodologies, develop internal controls, metrics, and reports, and train, coach and mentor the contractor workforce.

MSM Group Inc. dynamically links Information Technology tools and business processes to support the successful execution of PMO responsibilities on large, stand-alone support service contracts. Our expertise and years of experience, combined with our customized cloud-hosted software solution, aid the prime contractor PMO in all aspects of the program management execution while driving down cost and delighting the government customer. Our services and software offer a wide range of capabilities to promote the success of contracts with agencies such as NASA, NOAA, and DoD.

PMO Support

We provide end-to-end integration of business processes necessary to manage your contract including our Information Technology tools to support the cradle to grave life cycle of a contract — beginning with proposal development, phase-in and transition and throughout performance and close out. MSM Group, in collaboration with our business partners, provides comprehensive Project Management support, including:

Capture Management and Proposal Development

MSM has direct and relevant experience in assisting clients in winning large contracts.

  • Customer-needs Identification
  • Theme Development
  • Solution Development
  • Proposal Writing
  • Color Reviews
  • Price-to-win Analysis
  • Cost Volume Lead and Pricing Support

Phase-in and Transition

MSM personnel have been performing transition and phase-in activities for large support services for 30 years. Our breadth and depth of experience insures low risk transition of your contract.

  • Coordinate Business Processes
  • Determine Reporting Requirements

Task Management & Administration

MSM Group engages in a full range of necessary task management activities to best help you in succeeding.

  • Task Order Initiation
  • Routing
  • Response
  • Approvals
  • Task Order Estimates/Time-Phased Baseline Plans
  • Award C Evaluation
  • Business Analytics
  • Metrics on Performance

Business Management and Accounting

MSM employees have been performing business management functions on support services contracts for 30 years. Award fee scores will be higher when using MSM to assist in functions such as:

  • Timekeeping
  • Job Costing, Payroll
  • Work Control
  • Funds Management and Control
  • DCAA Compliance and Reporting (ICE Submittals)
  • Subcontract Administration (Purchasing, CPSR Compliance Testing)

MSM Group Inc.'s prime contractor, Sierra Lobo Inc., performs Test Facilities Operations, Maintenance, and Engineering (TFOME) services at the NASA Glenn Research Center. MSM’s main contribution to TFOME has been the development and implementation of an enterprise approach to integrated business tools and processes for task planning, execution, monitoring, control, and reporting. NASA states, "The TFOME Enterprise Resource Management Solution software system is an innovative approach for improving the processes or techniques required to perform the work - a Significant Strength".