Our Mission Statement

We are a professional services firm dedicated to assisting small businesses attract and manage Federal Government contracts from start to finish by leveraging proven business practices, subject-matter experts and robust information technology tools.

Our Value Proposition

MSM Group Inc. seeks to reduce costs and improve the efficiency of government contractors. We accomplish this by reducing the "friction" often associated with these activities. We do so by delivering the highest quality support services, and through the synchronization of business processes and information technology.

Our End-to-End Project Management and Accounting Solutions enable our clients to focus on their core capabilities.

        Our team embraces, with a passion, the belief that each one of us as an individual has the authority and responsibility to make the government work better and cost less. For MSM, that philosophy is reflected in our mission to reduce the total cost of performing on federal contracts. From phase-in to close-out, the key to successful cost performance is rooted in the optimization of people, processes, and tools.          
– Kevin McQuade, President / CEO
Do What You Do Best...
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